Assessment of Asperger Syndrome

Being a parent and wondering if your child is being assessed and diagnosed correctly for Asperger syndrome would not be unusual. In the majority of A.S. assessments it encases an involved complex assessment that brings into focus the following components to diagnosis: these would be the patient’s history, psychological, psychiatric and communicative assessments, as well as parental conferences, and recommendations.

As with any health issue, the A.S. assessment should be done by a qualified doctor, specialist or experienced team.

In the beginnings of assessment of Asperger syndrome the doctor or health professional will probably start with the patient’s history. In doing this, they carefully record relevant information from the pregnancy of the child to the child’s early development as well as their characteristics and medical and family history. They will compare any previous records performed to get relevant information. They will try and make a set history of the beginning of any problems, motor skill capability, language difficulties, interests, as well as social skills pertaining to interaction, attachment, friendships, moods and emotions. This will help with their assessment of Asperger syndrome in your child.

Also in the assessment of Asperger syndrome the doctor will use a psychological assessment. This would be aimed at evaluating the level of intellect your child functions with as well as profiling any strengths or weaknesses. They will also look at the way they are able to learn. More specifically, they will examine motor skills, their memory capability, ability to problem solve problems, visual skills, performance in school subjects, and personality qualities. In conjunction with the psychological assessment of Asperger syndrome they will also use a psychiatric examination. This might be done in a less formal setting and used for watching the interaction with parents or family members. This time would also be used to observe relationships, social behavioral problems, and the ability or inability to read another’s body language. At the same time problems would be assessed in areas of depression, obsession, and moodiness.

The aim of communicative assessment of Asperger syndrome is to obtain information with regard to the child’s communication skills. This assessment will test past the normal testing areas, which usually involves articulation, vocabulary, sentence construction and comprehension. This communicative assessment of Asperger syndrome should examine their gaze and gestures, test their language for metaphors, absurdities, humor and their voice pitch for volume, stress, test their pragmatics as far as sensitivity to cues and adherence to rules for conversation, its content, and its coherence. These are typical trouble areas for individuals with AS.

While any assessment of Asperger syndrome is in progress it is very important that parents or caregivers be allowed to observe and encouraged to actively participate in the evaluation and assessment process for their child.

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