Occupations and Asperger Syndrome

Families with children that have Aspergers disease often wonder if their quality of life will improve as they age. Parents often ask questions such as: will my child marry? can they have occupations and Asperger syndrome at the same time? Doctors fully believe that with an early intervention program children’s progress possibilities are very good. Without treatment A.S. patients tend to need a great amount of help through much of their adult lives to just function.

Adults with Asperger syndrome can be successful academically, and some have the ability to manage occupations and asperser syndrome together. They tend to still have a hard time with relationships socially and can become lonely and depressed because of this. Because of this people with A.S. generally do well at jobs that don’t have a lot of social interaction involved and in an area that they are particularly interested in. An added plus would be a repetitive job routine. People with occupations and Aspergers syndrome can manage well.

The initial step parents need to take when thinking about occupations and Asperger syndrome management for their child’s future would be in preparing them for school. Not just grade school, but further on when it is time for your child to pick a college major. It’s also necessary to realize any limitations and pick majors that will result in jobs. It’s important when assessing occupations and Asperger syndrome to find majors that might fit such as engineering, computer or library science, art or drafting.

Managing their occupations and Asperger syndrome can be done in this day and age. Some choices for someone with A.S. might be to work in the computer field. The computer field can be both solitary and repetitive which could be an added plus. Many need to think about the amount of light and noise when considering their occupations and Asperger syndrome symptoms as some find they are very sensitive to light and noise or sound.

In respect for occupations and Asperger syndrome, a respective employer might keep this in mind if thinking of hiring someone with A.S.: People with Asperger syndrome are intelligent. They develop interests, often almost obsessive, in a select few areas. With these interests they learn as much as can be possibly found through a variety of means. Such as internet, reference books, maps, etc. If their interest is in your field of work, it means they could become your expert in the field. In general an A.S. person will have a primary interest as well as possibly a few secondary subjects they are interested in. This could benefit the potential employer exponentially if looking for that certain someone with a specific knowledge. Just remember that they still do have A.S. and will exhibit the symptoms as such.

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