People raised by parents with Aspergers Syndrome

If you know of or have a family member that is diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, you will realize that marriage and children are not uncommon with someone diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. People raised by parents with Aspergers syndrome do not always exhibit A.S. tendencies. The traits that people with A.S. exhibit and possibly hand down to their children is below.

Married men that are diagnosed will still exhibit their A.S. symptoms after marriage. It’s still very difficult to connect with other members in his family. With his wife, he will want minimal contact. He will not show much empathy or sympathy and he will probably be very literal minded. He will want to a lot of space between them.

Connecting to any children he might have will be much the same. There will not be a lot of warmth exhibited because of the literal mindedness. His employment of empathy and sympathy are also at a minimum. People raised by parents with Aspergers syndrome do not usually get a lot of communication from the A.S. parent. The person diagnosed with A.S. might also be the wife or mom. The wife or mom will also still exhibit full A.S. symptoms. They don’t show much empathy when needed or sympathy. They also are literal minded. Women with Asperger syndrome are seen as cold and uncaring. When it comes to connecting to any children the A.S. woman may have, the child does not get much needed warmth from their mom. In addition, many people raised by parents with aspergers syndrome will not receive the empathy or sympathy normally needed by children growing up.

Reports received by people raised by parents with Aspergers syndrome are disturbing. Many children of A.S. parents report that they developed severe self esteem problems because their parent could not give them the warmth, empathy and caring they needed growing up. These same people reported bouts with severe depression from what they perceived as rejection from their parent or parents on an emotional level. The child’s physical needs were well taken care of but they had no emotional support. For people raised by parents with Aspergers syndrome the lack of emotional support hurt them very much.

Because of the symptoms a Mom or Dad suffers from that come from their Aspergers disorder it might seem from a child’s perspective that their parent does not love them. That is not the case at all. The A.S. parent loves their child very much, it is the lack of social and communicative skills from the disorder that just makes it look that way to the child. In these cases it would seem very important for the children or people raised by parents with Aspergers syndrome to have support from a specialist.

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